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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Praise the Lord!

 Today was a great great day for us here in Germany. It even SNOWED a little bit in the village I live in! Got up about five am, had a fantastic breakfast of the BEST smoked ham you can imagine with scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions in them, got ready for church and drove into Augsburg for early morning prayer.

 Left the service with one of my assistants (IS that COOL to be able to say or WHAT!?!) and the OTHER (Is that even COOLER!?!?!?! MAN we've come a LOOOOOONGGGGG way!) assistant and I caught the train into the city of Munich where we held service in our relatively newer assembly right in the very CENTER of the city! We had a beautiful turnout of Twenty Seven in attendance this morning and it was interesting to say the least to have your message translated into German and FRENCH simultaneously! (We have several French Speaking members in the Munich church.) A new family has started coming from the Ukraine and we are so happy for that! It is so amazing to see how the "VINE" just keeps GROWING in the most unexpected places!

 Pastor Paul Wilson the Pastor of the Munich Church is finishing his crusade there in Togo and Benin this week and will be flying home where he is greatly needed as well!

 Pray for us the building we are renting in Munich is small and costly pray that we find something BETTER and CHEAPER!

In the Photo above is Brother Brian Shell who came over to preach us a several month revival here in Apostolic Lighthouse Augsburg, Germany. The impact of that Revival is still discernible today with the souls that he left behind!!!!!! (How many times do we see revivals where there are great results but a month or two later they are ALL GONE!?!)  This man has moved so deeply in the Holy Ghost and his fruit is taking root so wonderfully! In this photo he is baptizing Sister Katija from Bulgaria who is still so on fire for God due to the miracle of Healing that God Performed for her in that revival!

 Brother Shell is currently back in the United States preaching this month in the midwest states of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Pray for him and his family, he has answered the call NOT ONLY of the Lord of the Harvest but of the Eighty Five Million Lost souls here in Germany to leave all and come work for God right here in the very heart of Europe. As he travels to raise help so they can do so, please pray for this wonderful brother and his family that they can QUICKLY be back over in the Field where we need them so DESPERATELY!  In fact if you would like to take Brother Shell on as a Missionary Partner or are led of God to send them a one time Missions offerring you can send it through the I-AM foundation Brother Jonathon Alvear will be handling their support for them at this address.......

International Apostolic Missions
                                                                        PO Box 501
Conyers, GA  30012

 Be sure and make the offerring out to I AM FOUNDATION but write in the Memo Line "Bro Brian Shell, Germany"

God Bless You! Hasn't today been a GREAT day????!!!!!

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