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Friday, November 30, 2012


 Q.) Is it possible to "run the aisles"  in your own home????

 A.) OH YES! In fact I just have! Shouted, Ran, Jumped, Danced, Yelled! Just let it ALLLLLLLLL Go up in Praises to the King!

 I just heard this song on the net, hadn't heard it for DECADES and man does this choir, the PENTECOSTALS OF KATY , TEXAS do it justice! I LOVE JESUS! *HE* IS THE REASON I AM APOSTOLIC! Sure would love to hear alot more preaching about HIM. Anyway... put this on full blast, the power of God ripped through my house! Danced and danced I must be on my tenth or more time of listening to this song! (I am listening to it even as I type this!) Oh that every one REALLY knew Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Ghost!  BY THE WAY! I DID THIS WITH ALL THE SHADES UP! WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBOURS THINK???? REALLY.... WHO CARES! God bless you Enjoy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Case Dismissed For Lack Of Evidence??????

 This guy is GREAT! A songwriter par excellence! A preacher and a half! And most important of all ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS! I mean he PASSES THE TRUE TEST!


 Here is one of his best songs to hit the net! Brother Steve Pixler Pastor of CORNERSTONE CHURCH in Fort Worth Texas! The line in this song I like the best is .......


 Here is the song! Enjoy! I know I DID!

 YOU CLAIM TO BE A CHRISTIAN! Brother Steve Pixler

Thursday, November 15, 2012


FOR MISSIONARIES ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Okay....  you don't have to be a missionary to read this, BUT I think it can be a blessing FOR missionaries who often are faced with the most UNREASONABLE expectations out there!

 God has opened a very unusual door for me into the Hollywood Community, and has given me as friends some really incredible and exceptionally talented writers, actors, directors, producers.

 One of the funniest nights I spent visiting with some of them was when I sat around just listening to a couple of very easily recognizable performers comparing notes on how they became...................................

                                                      "AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS!"

 The more they talked and the more they described how many YEARS it took them to become "AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS" and all the set backs and dissapointments and seemingly GO NOWHERE parts they took and that they experienced along the way,  the harder I laughed and at the same time the more I knew EVEN THOUGH I WAS NOT IN THAT COMMUNITY I  KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT!


 One of my friends a very famous "Overnight Sensation" comedienne sat there telling us how that it took her THIRTY YEARS to be come "AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS"

 She described all the "gigs" she had done including " member of audience in Pepsi Commercial Where Michael Jackson Set His Hair On Fire.....(uncredited)
Space Alien extra in Sci Fi movie,(Uncredited)  Concertgoer in Teen Movie,(Uncredited)  Crowd Member in Mafia movie,(Uncredited)  on and on all  uncredited, uncredited, uncredited, yet when after Thirty years she finally HIT IT BIG everyone assumed she was an OVERNIGHT SENSATION!

 I think the same thing holds true for Missionary Works!


 I can't begin to tell you how many times I have been asked THIS QUESTION............


 And when the answer comes in at LESS than a Million (WAYYYYYYY LESS) the dissapointment is palpable!

 The pressure on Missionaries to wildly inflate numbers is incredible !

 For example our work here in Germany is very young. We now have Two services on Sunday to accomodate our  growing membership, German service at Ten AM and English International service at One PM.  Thats in addition to several week night services. We have been baptizing people every Sunday for the last several weeks. IS it always like that? I WISH!

 We have won, trained and sent out OUR first missionary to the country of Nigeria and now have THREE WORKS going there! Another Family wanting to go to Cameroon, ANOTHER wanting to go back to Spain with the Acts 2:38 message, A new work developing here in the village I live in outside of Augsburg, and people from all over Europe AND Africa  now Baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost!

 And yet because we work with many many refugees that are constantly on the move our size rises and falls rises and falls, it isn't easy BUT Blazing a new territory and path for the Church of Jesus Christ is NEVER easy as the battle with Demon Forces to TAKE THE DOMINION over the areas they are usurpers in is sometimes one that consumes the first several years of your ministry!

 What kind of cracks me up is that many times the Pastors dissapointed with a young Church in a foreign land that is deeply traumatized by FIFTEEN YEARS OF NAZI DICTATORSHIP THE HOLOCAUST TWO WORLD WARS and YEARS OF SOVIET OCCUPATION running  LESS than a thousand members, CONTRASTS with the fact that they have a church that THEY pastor that may be EIGHTY or more years old in a land of liberty with access to Fellowship Meetings, Evangelists, Conferences , Fellowship and More and yet  run forty or fifty if THAT! And THAT after a succession of men of God, tons of move ins and sometimes outright proselityzing from OTHER Apostolic Churches in a hundred mile or more radius!

Yes the expectations on you missionaries are often absolutely UNREAL!

 Some look at the Book Of Acts Chapter Two and wonder "WHY DON'T WE HAVE REVIVALS LIKE THAT???? I mean WOW! Three Thousand added to the CHURCH IN ONE DAY!!!"


 Oh Really???? You REALLY think that happened in ONE DAY????

 Oh my friend you couldn't be MORE WRONG!!!!!!

 Do you realize that for God to get Israel to the point that he COULD bring in THREE THOUSAND "In One Day"  took him over ONE THOUSAND YEARS! Actually More like TWO THOUSAND if you go all the way back! It took him calling Abram out of UR of the Chaldees, Isaac and Jacob and all HIS Shenanigans, Joseph being sold into slavery in Egypt so that he might be a saviour not just to his brethren but TO THE WHOLE WORLD! (Zaph Nath Pan Ea!) Four hundred years of slavery then the Exodus with Moses, Forty Years in the Wilderness,  Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Elijah, Elisha ,Prophet after Prophet Deliverance after Deliverance Assyrian Captivities Babylonian Captivities, Famines Wars Horrors finally John the Baptists ministry, Jesus earthly ministry  Crucifixion Burial and Resurrection Three years of training men and women for the work of the Gospel, all that to get to the day of Pentecost and be.......


 Before God brought in Three Thousand New Souls not only had he had to work in Israel for over Two Thousand Years but he had to EMPOWER WITH THE HOLY GHOST that same morning ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEASONED men and women who had been basically in Bible School directly taught by Jesus Christ for Three Solid Years of in depth training and preparation!

 In fact if you divide three thousand by one hundred and twenty you come up with a ratio of just  Twenty Five new Converts to One Seasoned Mentor!


 The other day I was talking with a missionary who just arrived in his field of labour and already I could pick up the stress that he felt at beginning to have to produce NUMBERS. I mean "You've been there three months and aren't running One Hundred Yet?????"


But Fellow Missionaries you can rest assured that the word of God is true You WILL reap in DUE SEASON if you don't FAINT (QUIT)


 I sit over here with my support at an all time low, three months of electric bills not paid surely to be shut off any day now, rent one month past due on the church, just waiting for an eviction notice I mean THIS has been a VERY HARD three months ! BUT........................I HAVE BECOME AN EXPERT JUGGLER!!


 I'm of the philosophy that Towels were made for mopping up Blood Sweat and Tears NOT for throwing in!

The song is TRUE!!!

"Though Satan Rages We Cannot Be Defeated!  We've Got the Power In the Name of the Lord!"

If you are a missionary and under pressure to be an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS.... welcome to the club! Just hang in there! Noah Preached to several generations and saw a grand total of EIGHT including himself in the ark when the flood came YET IT CAN TRULY BE SAID OF NOAH that he was the Saviour of the World! Because ALL THE WORLD TODAY owes its existence to his preaching and obedience to God.

 You may NOT see the kind of revival in your lifetime that you desire... I guess it takes years of being a missionary to be able to say...

 Just be faithful to do what YOU are called to do knowing that you may very well be laying the foundation for WONDERFUL REVIVAL YET TO COME!

 ANOTHER GENERATION may reap the revival that YOU have sown! And yet in the BIG PICTURE it simply doesn't matter!




Monday, October 29, 2012


 I  LOVE being a preacher! I LOVE being a TRAIL BLAZER! Bringing the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ to the OFF THE BEATEN PATH places and reaching the UNREACHED thrills me! It has also provided me with a LOT of Firsts! Planting the First Jesus Name Apostolic Churches and Prayer Bands in such places as ALEPPO SYRIA, AL FUHEIS, ISTANBUL , just alot of FIRSTS!!!!

 BUT THIS COMING WEEK I HAVE  A NEW FIRST! Yeap just when I thought I had done it ALL THIS NEXT SUNDAY I AM BAPTIZING ..........................................................................................


Well..... OK...... NOT *THAT* ELVIS But a Man from the country of Cameroon in Africa whose NAME is Elvis who along with his wife will be baptized in Jesus Name This Coming Sunday!



"My dear Brother ELVIS upon the confession of YOUR faith in the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I now baptize you IN the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ For the Remission of Sins and you SHALL receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost!"

 I mean really HOW COOL IS THAT ON SO MANY LEVELS????!!!

 And there are Four Other Adults this week being baptized! Five all together SO FAR~!

 Germans, Nigerians , Spaniards and Cameroonian!

A special thanks not only to the Pastors and Saints who PLEDGE support but to those who ACTUALLY SEND IT IN!!!!!!!!

 It is enabling us to slowly but surely sow the seed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ amongst many many peoples and nations!

 Well I am so excited about Next Sunday All l I can say is .....


Thank Ya Jesus!

Monday, October 22, 2012


 This time of year you see all kinds of decorations hanging everyhere! Bats, Mummies in shredded shrouds , Count  Draculas , Frankensteins and Witches on brooms, I mean ALL the dark scary supernatural things that go into making Halloween Halloween.

 Sometimes the neighbours go all out turning their front yards into CEMETERIES complete with  styrofoam "TOMB STONES",

Plastic Skeletons everywhere... fiber glass "Spiders webs" even prerecorded eerie groans, moans and rattling chains! (Accompanied by what you HOPE is just a recording of a shriek or a scream every now and then!)

 And as I walk around the various neighbourhoods here and there  and see the decorations start to go up I just feel that I need to make a startling confession here, Something that I never told anyone before. But its true! I reall did!


 The house I lived in was haunted by many MANY ghosts! You never knew just where they were and when they would pop out at ya but ......POP OUT THEY DID ...... ALL THE TIME!

They made life miserable! They seemed to be  always there just waiting and lurking in the shadows ready to LEAP INTO YOUR LIFE for just a brief instant and wreak their havoc at a moments notice !


 They could pop out at dinner , or at lunch, In the morning,  or after school! I could be playing with my plastic soldiers and matchbox cars on the living room carpet or doing my homework at the kitchen table, it never mattered and you never were quite sure just WHEN the ghosts  would pop up but you could rest assured SOONER OR LATER THEY WOULD   BE THERE!!!

 Right now you are probably thinking BROTHER JOSEPH! I don't like the "vibes" I am feeling just reading this!

 You think YOU don't like the vibes! YOU SHOULD'A BEEN THERE!!!!



Oh, Did you think I was talking about the Occult? Oh no my friend something MUCH scarier, MUCH WORSE, MUCH MORE DESTRUCTIVE THAN THE OCCULT!!!!!

 Do you think I am talking about Ghosts like the ghost of Jacob Marley here? 

 OH NO!!!! 

Not that kind of ghost at ALL!

I am talking about the GHOSTS of our Families PAST! Every failure, every fight, every disagreement or dissapointment  that had happened not just in MY lifetime but actually went back GENERATIONS in our family (ALL THE WAY BACK TO IRELAND FOR GOONDESS SAKES!) and these "GHOSTS" had a habit of manifesting themselves over and Over and OVER  again~!

 I remember growing up that we actually had a "MEDIUM" in our house, the one who seemed to be the "CHANNEL" that these "GHOSTS" used to make their "PRESENCE" felt in our midst.


 She was an expert at going back twenty ..thirty.. fourty or more years and with just a "DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME....?" could dredge up the most negative hurtful destructive memories and anecdotes about 1.) A fight she had had with my father, "He was TERRIBLE !" 2.) Negative Facts about HER Father and his Alcoholism,  "HE WAS TERRIBLE!"  3.) Negative Facts about her Mother and her   INABILITY to love anyone "SHE WAS TERRIBLE!"  4.) Negative experiences with HER Brothers and sisters growing up and into their adulthood "THEY WERE TERRIBLE!"  5.) Negative experiences she had with my brothers growing up in their childhoods  "THEY WERE TERRIBLE!!"  6.) Negative experiences with my Fathers Father (HE WAS TERRRRRRRIBLE !!! but your grandmother was a SAINT I don't know HOW she put up with him all those years! I REMEMBER THIS ONE TIME..... .....")

 And perhaps the scariest  " GHOST"  of all.....



Her Ghost Stories were TERRIFYING! 

 I am fifty seven years old! Soon to be 58! And I STILL dread even a VISIT with my mother because even at 82 years of age,  the GHOST STORIES start up in the first ten minutes of ANY visit!!!!

 "Joe do you remember the time your father.....?" "Joe do you remember the time your Grandfather....?" 
"Joe do you remember the time your brother...............?" 


And yes.... I DO remember, many frightening, hurtful , damaging memories!


 Ghosts of the past still trying to hurt and destroy!

Sometimes we read the Bible and don't see how deeply POWERFUL and even how WONDEFUL some of the gifts of the Spirit of God are! One is "IN MY NAME YOU SHALL CAST OUT DEVILS" Mark 16:17

 That doesn't just mean the devils that people can be possessed with, but those evil depressing destructive memories and experiences that demonic spirits use to lower our self esteem and trouble us so very deeply!

 I THANK GOD that even as those destructive spirits of torment, depression, hate and fear were working overtime in our home to destroy  MY soul,  The SPIRIT OF GOD was at work to RESCUE !



I did! And I AM!!

Yet there are still GHOSTS out there!

   So many times I shudder as I hear OTHER parents reminding THEIR children about the failures of those they ought to LOVE!

 Using the GHOSTS of Yesterdays' conflicts to demonize, marginalize and actually KILL AND  DESTROY the love, affection, respect and trust that children have for their OTHER parent or grandparent or even siblings!


Mean, Hateful , Malice Filled


 I wonder if there are even Christian men and women who wether they realize it or not are dealing in GHOSTS?
Calling them up. Animating them. Killing and Destroying with them?

One thing I can say since Jesus came into my life......


Friday, August 24, 2012


 I just came in from church tonight, sat down to check my email and as I opened up my Yahoo page I saw this story in the number one search position. I am so glad for this young lady, her spirit , her testimony, AND her willingness as an  Apostolic American  to stand up for her right to honour her conscience in the workplace! There is a lawsuit going on of course NOT JUST FOR HER but for every other Apostolic Man and Woman who will be challenged in the same area. I suggest several things, Number one that we pray for this young lady and her courage to not just accept this and allow others to have to face it down the line, but I ALSO SUGGEST IF THIS COMPANY WILL NOT MAKE ANY PROVISION FOR APOSTOLIC PEOPLE TO WORK THERE.....THEN APOSTOLIC PEOPLE WILL REFUSE TO ****EAT***** THERE!  

 As of TODAY I am completely done with Burger King until not only is this woman allowed to honour Gods word in her employment there BUT that the company issues an APOLOGY to the Apostolic Community it has so cavalierly insulted by firing this young lady simply for choosing MODESTY over IMMODESTY! (Can you tell I am upset by this? Well...... I AM!)

 Here is the story! (P.S. Do they know how to spell PENTECOSTAL? Evidently NOT)

A Texas teenager is suing Burger King for religious discrimination, saying that the fast food giant fired her, a conservative Christian, for wearing a long skirt, rather than uniform pants, to work.

Ashanti McShan was a 17-year-old high school senior when she applied for a job as a cashier at the Grand Prairie Burger King in August 2010, according to the lawsuit filed on her behalf this week by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. During her interview McShan, who is a Pentacostal Christian, said that her religious beliefs forbid women to wear men's clothing, so she would need to be able to wear a long black skirt rather than the standard-issue uniform pants. The Burger King employee interviewing her "assured her that she could wear a skirt to work," the lawsuit says.

But when she arrived for orientation, another store management told her that she could not wear a skirt "and that she had to leave the store," in spite of her explaining that there was a religious issue at stake, according to the lawsuit.

"The result of the foregoing practices has been to deprive Ashanti McShan of equal employment opportunities because of her religious beliefs and observances as a Christian Pentecostal," the lawsuit states. The incident could be a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars religious discrimination in the workplace.

"I've seen cases where an employer has denied a religion accommodation, and it's something where you could see how it could cause a problem," Equal Employment Opportunity Commission trial attorney Meaghan Shepard, who is representing McShan, told The Dallas Morning News. "The legal standard is 'undue hardship,' and in this instance it was a very simple request -- to be able to wear a long black skirt and not black pants -- and it was initially granted. And then she shows up at orientation, on time, and is then told by the manager to leave and that she couldn't wear a skirt. She was responsible, tried to get in touch with someone higher in the franchise, and they never responded to her. In our eyes, it was so clear-cut. She's a very sweet, articulate young lady who was just trying to work her senior year in high school."

The lawsuit seeks "appropriate back pay with prejudgement interest" for McShan, even though she was asked to leave the store before she started her first shift, as well as punitive damages and an injunction.

"Accommodating Ms. McShan's religious beliefs would have been simple and cost the company nothing," Shepard said in a statement. "Management's failure to comply with federal law deprived this teenage girl of the opportunity to work during her senior year of high school."

Pentacostal Christians believe in a strict, literal interpretation of the Bible. Deuteronomy 22:5 specifically states: "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God."

"We haven't come far enough in our respect of religious liberties at the workplace if we have employers saying that uniform policies trump a religious observance without articulation of any hardship posed by letting an employee 'hold the pickles' and 'hold the lettuce' while wearing a skirt," EEOC regional attorney Robert A. Canino said in a statement.

The franchisee that owns the Great Prairie Burger King, Fries Restaurant Management LLC, also owns about 10 other Burger King restaurants in Texas; they would not comment to Yahoo! Shine. "As a normal couse of business, Burger King Corp. does not comment on personnel or legal matters related to its franchisees, who independently own and operate Burger King restaurants," Burger King Corp. told The Huffington Post in a statement.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have gotten in on the "GROUND FLOOR" of something?

To have been one of the first investors in ... oh say 


 Why if you had been smart enough to make just  a  very  small  investment in the beginning.................  you could be a BILLIONAIRE TODAY! 

 I feel like *I* yours truly , the one and only JOSEPH CONROY have gotten in on what has to be one of THE GREATEST INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES that EVER  came my way... INVESTING in The ministry of a family of four who are so incredibly given over to the service of God that they defy description!

A family who sold EVERYTHING and did it JOYFULLY in order to completely uproot themselves and come labour in the Mission Field! In a very short time Brian and Sherry Shell and their kids Austin and Kaelyn have been instrumental in winning souls from Bulgaria, Germany, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, sending out Apostolic Lighthouse of Augsburgs  FIRST Foreign Missionary (Brother Joseph Ayodele to Nigeria!) planting a brand new work in Aindling , Preaching ACT'S 2:38 salvation in the ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH IN NUREMBERG **AND ** BEING ASKED TO COME BACK AND PREACH MORE ON THE SUBJECT! Yes I am talking about the One The ONLY SHELL FAMILY! Or as I am calling them these days..................

 Here they are at one of the saddest days of my life! The day they had to fly out from the Munich Germany airport to go back to the US to raise help to enable them to continue saving souls here in Europe!

I almost get jealous when I hear all the reports coming back from America of all the souls receiving the Holy Ghost , being Baptized in Jesus Name, Miracles of Healing , "Blowout" services, Backsliders coming back to God all happening as they are in the States on deputation! Brother Shell is NOT just a poor missionary in need of help, the man can flat out PREACH! And every pastor who has had him can tell you what a blessing that this family has been to their church.

 Can you pray with me that Pastors in America would allow their hearts to be opened to the cry not only of the LOST but of the LORD OF THE HARVEST who was so brutally murdered that he might REDEEM MANKIND BACK TO HIMSELF? That they would go that extra mile for Jesus and have this precious family come share their burden and testimony so that they can quickly ... make that QUICKLY return to the field????

 Remember that old song that said...

"The Saviours Calling!
 The Grain Is Falling!
 Oh do not wait!
It's growing Late!
Look on the Field It's White
It's Harvest Time!"

 Jesus prayer request was PRAY THE LORD OF THE HARVEST THAT HE WOULD SEND FORTH LABOURERS INTO THE FIELD! Will you allow him to use YOU to do that?

 If YOU want to get in on a ground floor investment AND have the deep satisfaction of actually being part of LAUNCHING a great ministry by having the Shells PLEASE feel free to EMAIL me at to schedule them! Time is running out!

(You'll thank me for this someday I Garauntee it!)

Saturday, August 18, 2012


There is SO MUCH MORE to New York City than Rockefeller Center at Christmas time and The Brooklyn Bridge! 

There is the ***OTHER***  Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir! I like this one much better!

Here are two songs ! Enjoy!

Heaven Belongs To You!

Speak Lord And We Will Obey!

 The absolute and complete difference in the POWER of Holy Ghost annointed music is so wonderful! Not only is it GOOD MUSIC but it stirs WAAAAAAAY past the "soul" (the EMOTIONS) and goes deep into the SPIRIT!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brush Arbour African Style!!!!!!

 Well this week marks yet another milestone for Eurpopean Apostolic Outreach,  One that thrills our souls! Many of you who have visited us here in Germany  over the past several years met one of the most incredible ministers of the gospel that it has been my privilege to know, Brother Joseph Ayodele.

 Brother Joseph is from one of the great tribes of Nigeria the Yoruba. He came to Germany several years ago as a trinitarian preacher and when he came to Apostolic Lighthouse here in Augsburg he was so open to truth that he immediately dug into the scriptures concerning the Oneness of God as well as Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ for the Remission of sins.... He was QUICK to embrace the name of Jesus in Baptism for the remission of sins!

 He served here at Apostolic Lighthouse first as an evangelist and then for about two years as Assistant Pastor here in the church preparing always for the day that he could return home to his wife and children as well as the nation of Nigeria preaching THE FULL GOSPEL!  It was such a privilege to have Brother Brian Shell Missionary extraordinaire to help in ordaining Brother Joseph and sending him out!

 Just after Easter of this year Brother Joseph returned home to begin ministering TRUTH throughout his country! There had already been much work to lay the foundation of a base of operations there in Ibbadan that we are still trying to complete.

 Since returning they have found that this building is too small for a sanctuary and so will use it for a mission base as well as Sunday School rooms but already need to flatten the land in front of the building and erect a steel pole structure that can support a corrugated Iron roof and shelter several HUNDRED people under it for services at Apostolic Lighthouse Ibbadan!

 BUT! The best thing is that even as Brother and Sister Ayodele are labouring with just the few crumbs of help that we are able to send them from the church here in Germany to establish a strong Book of Acts church in Ibbadan they have already begun ANOTHER ASSEMBLY for the name of Jesus in another state of Nigeria in a village called Wakajaye in Osun State! He and his wife laboured so hard to erect with their bare hands this wood and metal shelter.

 TUESDAY they began the First Jesus Name Pentecostal Services EVER under its shade! Apostolic Lighthouse Wakajaye!!!!

They even had Sunday School on Tuesday to bring the Jesus Name Message to the children of Wakajaye!

 We are so thankful for all of you who are so faithful to help us here in Europe as well as Nigeria to proclaim the good news that JESUS SAVES TODAY!!!!!!!!

 Please continue to pray for us!  We have such opportunity in front of us and need YOU in back of us!

Brother Joseph Conroy, Brother and Sister Brian Shell and Brother and Sister  Joseph Ayodele!

Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Harvest Time!

The World Needs Jesus But Why Should I Tell You?

 Well this year I will turn FIFTY EIGHT YEARS OLD!

 Ubelievable! I really did, somehow in some corner of my mind think I was going to be able to stay seventeen forever!

I'm OLD!

 And along with that growing older, older, older by the moment comes the question...

"What are you going to do when you retire?"

 To which I can only answer "AWHOANDAWHATANDAHA????"

 Retire... Are you kidding? I'M JUST GETTING STARTED!!!!!!

My missionary call didn't come once I got in church, it came YEARS before that! While I was still lost in false religion!

 Although my family had a surface knowledge of Jesus but not the SUBSTANCE of the truth still they were given over completely to foreign missions!

Not just giving in the offerring for missions but in making deliberate , totally unrequired or asked for investments in what ever missionary came our way!

 I can remember as a little boy how very involved in our church my parents both were. My father  was an attorney at law in Chicago and was a very very busy man. Not only that but he was a very ungodly man.

 Yet if a missionary so much as was known to be visiting any of the local churches whether in our parish or not, my father made it a POINT to go out of his way, talk to the pastor and ASK WHAT HE COULD DO TO BLESS THAT MISSIONARY!

 I remember with fascination a whole series of missionary priests and nuns who were brought to our home for a visit! First my father would take the missionary priest to a shoe store and buy him several pairs of what I know were probably the finest shoes they had ever had. Then he would take the missionary to a clothing store and buy him a suit or two. THEN they would come back and we would take them out for dinner. THEN at the end of dinner my father would take the missionary aside and I would watch him hand him an envelope and I knew that inside was several hundred dollars which back in the 1950's and 60's was a MAJOR offerring, (still is!)

 But the best part was coming home for a while before the missionary woud leave and hear them tell about their work and experiences in their field of labour.


 I would lay down and just think how magnificent a life it would be spent bringing Jesus Christ to the lost in this world!

 And deep down inside I knew it .................................


 Even as a little boy I knew that if I chose THAT road as opposed to a career in law, or medicine or what have you but MISSIONS I would undoubtedly NEVER own a home, always be a charity case, always resented by some and ignored by others and yet still all I could say was LORD I DON'T CARE! LET THE OTHERS HAVE THEIR HOMES AND THEIR FANCY CARS AND EXPENSIVE SUITS AND NICE VACATIONS  BUT LORD,  MISSIONS IS ALL I WANT  TO DO! IT'S ALL I EVER REALLY WANTED TO BE!


 Then when I was seventeen , lost as lost could be and KNEW IT,   much as the song says


 And I became living proof that the scripture is true that says SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND!

 And from the moment I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost about midnight in my living room in Fresno, California  back in 1972 I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt...



 I began witnessing to people the very first day of my new life! Followed the example of the young man that God had used to invite ME to church and soon  started teaching home Bible Studies with Search for Truth charts.
Did everything I knew to do to prepare myself so that somehow someway God could look down on me and USE me for the work my heart just ached to be involved in

  It wasn't long before God opened a door of ministry for me to the nation of Syria. Arriving there with zero help from any group or church in  America it wasn't long before people started repenting and being baptized in Jesus Name and receiving the Holy Ghost! Imagine! I mean WHO'D A THUNK IT? 

(well I did!)

 Spread the Acts 2:38 message to Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, and now all over Europe AND Africa !!!!!


 Its over twenty five years now since I launched out at his command, blazed a path way for Apostolic Salvation for men and women in many places and countries that had never had the True Gospel preached to them.

  Every one says "YOU OUGHTA WRITE A BOOK"

 Well maybe someday... I just wanted to reactivate this blog, the events of the last months especially in Syria where there are STILL saints of God Baptized in Jesus Name filled with the Holy Ghost kind of filled me with a fear that somehow if I mentioned ANYTHING  about the situation in that horrible dictatorship that it might have repurcusions on them. So I kind of took myself offline to keep from doing that, but now  I think the time is WAY past that as many flee for Lebanon , Turkey or Jordan or any other port in this horrible storm.

 Currently God has been so very good to me! After many years of much prayer and much heart ache, God has sent a tremendous young family with a zeal and passion for missions that I simply have not seen in many others.

Brother Brian and Sister Sherry Shell and their kids Austin and Kaelyn have already made two missionary trips to help me. Because they have so little help as missionaries at present they are only able to stay three months at a time. 

 Right now they are back in the United States after having sold EVERYTHING wait...   make that ........

to come to the field and labour for the master, and the only way that that is going to happen is for Ministers and Saints to become PROACTIVE and actively CONTACT THEM , HELP THEM, GO OUT OF THE WAY for them, so that this world that gets bigger every day and has so few APOSTLES sent out into it can hear the news that JESUS SAVES TODAY!

 If an unsaved Catholic Man could sacrifice and CARE about missions WHAT ABOUT YOU WHO HAVE THE TRUTH?

Email me at to help me schedule him so he and his family can get back over here where the harvest is ripe but the labourers are few!

 God Bless You Brother Joseph Conroy

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Should I Care? I Mean, It Isn't Like It's Happening To ME!

Many Many Years ago I knew an evangelist of incredible outstanding spiritual character named Sister Tessie. You would NEVER have found a woman with more faith! You might have found her PEERS but never one with MORE!

 One of the most incredible traits this woman had was a little practice she had of "PRAYING THE NEWSPAPER"

 It wasn't as odd as it sounds, Sister Tessie would get her copy of the daily newspaper and go to work praying her way through it! Her rationale was that events major and minor were undfolding all around us, affecting so many people who did not know the Lord and did not know how to pray.She felt that most of them probably had no one who knew how to genuinely Pray praying for them so............

 She had determined SHE would pray FOR them!

 She would start at the front and work her way through so many different sections. She'd see the latest international tragedies and pray Gods mercy , she would read the obituaries and pray comfort for the survivors of the deceased, naming each one by name and weeping before God for them and their sorrow! Then she would even read the want ads and pray "LORD, YOU KNOW WHO IS OUT THERE RIGHT NOW DESPERATELY NEEDING A JOB! I PRAY THAT YOU HELP THEM FIND ONE TODAY SO THEY CAN SUPPORT THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES!"

 Just an incredible woman of prayer and ACTION! (I know because every weekday I would go with her and start early in the morning cooking the big pots of Chili Beans and Corn Bread and Salads that we would then take down to the park in front of the Stockton Record Newspaper and feed THREE HUNDRED or more people EVERY MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY as Sister Tessie would go up and down the line of all the derelicts and addicts and wasted empty lives praying for and in many cases laying hands on EACH AND EVERY ONE!!!!  *****ALL***** BY FAITH!

 But I digress......................

 Her practice of praying for total strangers that the rest of us just read about and clicked our tongue in that tsk stsk tsk sound "What a Shame" has stayed with me all these years later.

Today instead of just reading about this ongoing tragedy that is affecting people Christian, Muslim, Apostolic, Young,  Old, Rich,  Poor, and thinking "Thank God *I* Don't Live In That Horrible Place!" I wonder if some of the readers can bring these people these terrified and UNPROTECTED BY THE WORLDS NATIONS people before God asking him to intervene and end this terror. I know I wont stand alone in doing so


U.N. chief speaks of "grisly reports" from Syria

(Reuters) - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he had received "grisly reports" that Syrian government forces were arbitrarily executing, imprisoning and torturing people in the battle-scarred city of Homs after rebel fighters had fled.

Ban's comments came as a wounded British photographer, who escaped Homs earlier this week, said he had witnessed Syrian troops carrying out a massacre in the city's Baba Amro district, which had become a symbol of a year-long uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.

Opposition activists told Reuters Syrian troops, who had bombarded the district for weeks, had started hunting down and killing insurgents who had stayed to cover a rebel retreat on Thursday.

The rebel withdrawal was seen as a major setback for the armed revolt, that began with largely peaceful protests inspired by the "Arab Spring," but escalated after a bloody government crackdown.

"A major assault on Homs took place yesterday," Ban told the U.N. General Assembly in New York on Friday. "Civilian losses have clearly been heavy. We continue to received grisly reports of summary executions, arbitrary detentions and torture."

In some of his toughest criticism of Damascus to date, Ban added that "this atrocious assault is all the more appalling for having been waged by the government itself, systematically attacking its own people."
Syria's U.N. Ambassador, Bashar Ja'afari, said Ban's remarks included "extremely virulent rhetoric which confines itself to slandering a government based on reports, opinions or hearsay."

"The secretary-general is not duly informed," he said, reiterating that the Syrian opposition consisted of "armed terrorist groups."

The International Committee of the Red Cross said an aid convoy had reached Baba Amro, but was not allowed to enter.

"It is unacceptable that people who have been in need of emergency assistance for weeks have still not received any help," ICRC President Jakob Kellenberger said in a statement.
"We are staying in Homs tonight in the hope of entering Baba Amro in the very near future."

One activist in Homs told Reuters: "The Syrian army was holding the convoy up because they want to clean up after what they have done in Baba Amro." As with other activist reports from Homs, this could not be independently confirmed.
"All men who remained in the neighborhood aged between 14 and 50 were arrested. We fear they will be massacred. Where is the world?" said one activist.

"The massacres are continuing. They are torturing them and killing (detainees) one by one. They are executing them in batches," another activist, who left Baba Amro on Friday, told Reuters via Skype.
Many fighters out of the 2,000 who were based in Baba Amro were killed and wounded in the onslaught, they said, adding that a final toll was impossible to give because of the heavy shelling and siege. Hundreds were reported to have fled.

British photographer Paul Conroy, who escaped Homs earlier this week after suffering leg injuries in the shelling, said on Friday there had been a daily, indiscriminate barrage of the city.
"I've worked in many war zones - I've never seen or been in shelling like this," the Sunday Times photographer told Sky News from a hospital bed in central London.
"I'm an ex-artillery gunner so I can kind of follow the patterns - they are systematically moving through neighborhoods with munitions that are used for battlefields.

"It's not a war, it's a massacre, an indiscriminate massacre of men, woman and children."

Conroy said thousands of people were still in Homs, without power or water, and with hardly any food.
"In years to come we're going to sit and we're going to go 'How did we let this happen under our nose'. There are rooms full of people waiting to die."
The Syrian government said on Friday it would like to express its "sadness and sorrow" at the death of Conroy's Sunday Times colleague, U.S. journalist Marie Colvin, who was killed in the Homs shelling.
The Paris prosecutor's office said on Friday it had opened a preliminary investigation for murder and attempted murder into the bombing that also killed French photographer Remi Ochlik and seriously wounded journalist Edith Bouvier.
Defiant protesters took to the streets after Friday prayers in towns and cities across Syria - including Homs, Hama, Deir al-Zor, Deraa, Douma and several districts in Damascus, television footage showed.
The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 13 people were killed when troops fired a mortar bomb at a protest in the town of Rastan. Independent verification of such reports is hard as foreign media are mostly barred from Syria.
In Geneva, the United Nations human rights body had earlier said Assad had obligations under international law.
"We are alarmed at reports starting to come out of the Baba Amro district of Homs after it was taken over by government forces yesterday," spokesman Rupert Colville said.
Conditions in the heavily bombarded district are hellish. TV footage showed heavy snow and freezing weather, with residents lacking electricity or fuel for heating.
Barely a building has escaped damage from artillery shelling and many are pock-marked with bullet holes.
The United Nations says Syrian security forces have killed more than 7,500 civilians since the revolt began last March. Syria's government said in December that "armed terrorists" had killed more than 2,000 soldiers and police during the unrest.