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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Terrible Tragedy COULD Have Been Averted!

By Brother Brian Shell
 On the night of July 16th 1999, one of Americas most beloved young men, John Kennedy Jr, His wife and his sister in law vanished on a short flight to his cousins wedding on Martha's Vineyard.

 Immediately the story hit the presses and for the next three days first hope that they might be found gave way to the certainty that they had all perished into the sea. That certainty was confirmed when the wreckage of their light plane was found over one hundred feet beneath the sea. All three were horribly ripped apart in the impact, and America mourned.

 Immediately speculation as to WHY this tragedy happened was rampant. Theories abounded, but as the wreckage was inspected, authorities settled on what they felt was the OBVIOUS cause of the crash..........

 SPATIAL DISORIENTATION. In other words John had lost his bearings focussing on what he could see rather than that most vital piece of equipment in his plane, the CLUSTER PANEL.

 In the plane the cluster panel served a very important purpose. You see as a pilot it is easy to become disoriented. Your senses deceive you!  What APPEARS to be the waters BELOW you are actually the waters you are plunging INTO! (In the crash they estimated at the end that John was plunging down at over four thousand feet a minute!)

 Pilots know, that it is very easy to become disoriented when you depend upon your own senses, That is why these panels are so very VERY IMPORTANT! They tell you the TRUTH when your senses "LIE"!

 Had John merely paid attention to his cluster panel the entire story would have ended so much differently. Unfortunately John depended on HIS senses. And HIS senses were wrong...DEAD WRONG!

 Oh what might have been had John not been so cocky in his approach to flying and DEPENDED on the instrument that would have saved him!

 You know in so many ways we witness tragedy after tragedy in our walk with God. We hear about and sometimes  actually WATCH brothers and sisters in the Lord PLUNGE into the sea, only to be destroyed.. Lost to us forever! And  more often than not it is because they have FAILED TO USE THEIR "CLUSTER PANEL" The Word Of God that would have Saved them from that very destruction! Again and again the Lord warns us against this! "Lean NOT to your own understanding..."  "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man BUT THE END THERE OF IS DEATH!"  things would end so much differently if only we would "IN ALL YOUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AND HE SHALL DIRECT YOUR PATH!" (Proverbs 3:6)

 Saints it is such a privilege that God has equipped us with our own Cluster Panel, The leading of The Holy Ghost through his WORD! When you are tossed and driven, disoriented and plunging down DONT FORGET TO CHECK YOUR CLUSTER PANEL! IT IS INDISPENSABLE TO YOU!
 THE WORD OF THE LIVING GOD! It can SAVE YOUR LIFE so that it doesn't end in TRAGEDY!

Iranian Pastor Awaits Martyrdom Refuses to Deny Jesus Christ


 Iranian pastor's death sentence deplorable: Hague
Hague urged the Iranian regime to respect its international human rights commitments and overturn the ruling.
"I deplore reports that pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, an Iranian Church leader, could be executed imminently after refusing an order by the supreme court of Iran to recant his faith," Hague said in a statement.
The former Conservative party leader commented that the reports illustrated Iran's "continued unwillingness to abide by its constitutional and international obligations to respect religious freedom.
"I pay tribute to the courage shown by pastor Nadarkhani who has no case to answer and call on the Iranian authorities to overturn his sentence," he added.
Nadarkhani, now in his 30s, became a pastor of a small evangelical community called the Church of Iran after converting from Islam at the age of 19.
Iranian authorities arrested him for apostasy in 2009 and sentenced him to death under Islamic Sharia law.
The pastor was spared by a supreme court appeal ruling in July, his laywer told AFP, but was again condemned to death after the case was reheard at a court in his home town of Gilan, according to media reports.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

D Day June 6, 1944

Early on the morning of June  6, 1944 the largest amphibious invasion of all time began on the beaches of Normandy, France. 24,000 airborne troups parachuted from the skies while from over 5,000 ships and landing craft below over 160,000 men stormed the beaches hoping against hope that not only would they SURVIVE but that they might TAKE the beach, even though it meant just having a TOE HOLD on a continent completely under the power of a satanically inspired regime, The Third Reich.

 The men knew that the cost would be incredible, but they also knew THE TIME HAD COME to bring the Third Reich DOWN!

 The cost in lives and finances was enormous, but the sheer determination of the soldiers facing almost certain death carried the day.

 That is what earned those people the honor of being called "THE GREATEST GENERATION".

 It is now 67 years later, some of those men and women are still alive, but more than that The Deliverance of a continent held in the most horrific bondage was begun and would be accomplished in full almost a full year later as the tyrant's power was completely broken.

 It is a piece of history that fewer and fewer men and women even consider these days as it is a subject for their HISTORY books and NOT their EXPERIENCE.

 Many of the old timers in our midst remember the fear, the effort, the sacrifices that it took to win this victory!  But to the young it is many times a matter of "WELL THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW"

 Can I tell you , it wasn't really Hitler that was being fought but the SPIRITUAL POWERS that hold sway here in Europe that time and again down through history have manifested themselves in a barbarism and severity seldom parallelled elsewhere in the earth.

 THOSE POWERS ARE STILL HERE in Europe, and as many Bible Students of Prophecy feel, ARE JUST REGROUPING to rise up YET AGAIN in one FINAL display of destruction often called the Great Tribulation.

 It is THAT SAME SPIRITUAL EVIL UNMATCHED IN THE EARTH that missionaries to Europe are confronting and taking dominion over IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! Except instead of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SOLDIERS TRYING TO ESTABLISH A FOOTHOLD, A BASE OF OPERATIONS ON NORMANDY BEACH, imagine just ONE soldier on the beach here, facing down BATTALLIONS of the  enemy intent on destroying them, Another ONE WAAAAAAAAAY over there  on another beach, and maybe two or three more, under unrelenting fire, bombardment, and pure hellish assault, all the while PLEADING for some support from those back at home! And feeling that few very few indeed even care.

 You see in  WORLD WAR TWO * THAT*  was what won the war ending Hitlers bloodthirsty reign. NOT JUST the soldiers on the front, BUT the MILLIONS of men and women boys and girls BACK HOME who SACRIFICED and WORKED UNRELENTINGLY TO ASSURE those front line soldiers of victory!


 Thank God back at home there are so many ways to relax and unwind, but please please , don't forget about the men and women UP AT THE FRONT oftentimes pinned down in foxholes DESPERATELY pleading "HELP US"!  I personally thank God for the family of Brother and Sister Brian Shell who are willing to leave the comfort of America the home that they own, their friends and family and leave it all and come join us up at the front. I am praying that there still are men and women of God who have not lost the purpose in the the Gospel of GOING INTO ALL THE WORLD PREACHING THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE. Please pray with us that Pastors here in America will be sensitive to the call from abroad HELP US.

Where Are My GLASSES!

 Okay! I have just turned the corner I never wanted to turn!
 Have spent the last fifteen minutes looking for my glasses.
 I am wearing them. That is all.

 (Now, where ARE those glasses?)

 Do you see WHY we need the Shell family over here in Germany!? Help Us! That's all I've got to say HELP US!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Great Leveller

Years ago, I mean YEARS ago ( like forty or more!) I read something as I was seeking for God about the reason that the Romans had such a  deep pathological fear of Christianity.

 The book brought out it WASN'T because they were Monotheistic, The Jews had lived among the Romans for sometime and were very well received (in fact, there REMAINS a huge Jewish population in Italy to this very day!) There were also many Zoroastrians among the army and upper classes ( A Monotheistic faith that began and spread from Persia, They worshipped one  deity named Ahura Mazda).

 They were very well received in Rome as well.

 It wasn't because the Christians worshipped with fervor bordering on the  ecstatic, There were MANY such religions scattered all around the empire. Some far more demonstrative than the Christians and THEY were well received in Rome.

 It wasn't the music. Many Cults had music, no there was ONE SIMPLE THING that plunged the Romans into absolute utter panic. Something THEY HAD to stamp out!!!!!

 What was this aspect of the Christian Faith that so traumatized the Romans that they unleashed all the forces at their disposal to find and destroy every man woman boy and girl who had accepted the Christian Faith?

 It was .................................................................................................................................................


 You see the Lord's supper was something that threatened to destroy the entire Roman Social Order! In Rome the lines in society were VERY deeply drawn. BUT at the Table of the Lord THOSE LINES VANISHED!!!!!

 Slaves actually ate with their masters! Women with men, Jew with Gentile, Rich with Poor and more than that at THE LORDS TABLE they called each other BROTHER and SISTER!

 Imagine the horror Nero must have felt when he learned TWO things... ONE , that at the Lords table in Christian gatherings some of the Slave Owners actually SERVED THEIR SLAVES, EMBRACED THEM AND CALLED THEM "BROTHER" !!!!! It threatened EVERYTHING! But even worse than that was the realization that Nero had that THIS FAITH , THIS PRACTICE was in HIS OWN HOUSEHOLD!!!!!

 Imagine the fear in Nero as he sat at banquet and wondered about the man playing the harp as they ate ...."ARE YOU ONE OF THEM????" or as he looked across the table at those who dined with him wondering "ARE YOU ONE OF THEM"??????!!!!!

 As Paul so wonderfully tells us that there was a SPECIAL greeting to the church from they that were of CAESARS HOUSEHOLD!  THEY wanted everyone to know ...."WE'RE HERE!"

 Recently I have noticed a great revival among Apostolics as to this wonderful Table of the Lord! I had come to a place where I actually believed that it would become COMMON if we did it more  than ONCE a year! (We always took the Lord's supper at our Watch Night Service right as the clock struck twelve).

 I forgot that growing up in false religion WE took the Lords supper the way we perceived it and *I* took it virtually DAILY and it NEVER NEVER NEVER was COMMON to me! It actually was the most holy part of my day, starting off the school day NOT with donuts and coffee but FIRST taking the time to not only REMEMBER that Jesus had given his body and blood for me but that I actually COMMEMORATED that EACH DAY!

 I pray we see a great revival of this marvellous table of the Lord! More and more til he come! It is "THE GREAT LEVELLER" that speaks this great truth of the Spirit THAT IN CHRIST THERE IS NEITHER JEW OR GENTILE, MALE OR FEMALE, BOND OR FREE! No at THIS table WE ARE THE SONS OF GOD!


To All The Brethren in the MUNDO HISPANICO!!!!!!

It's only been a few days that this blog has been in existence but already we have readers checking in repeatedly from several of the nations of South America! Amazing!

 The other day I posted a few audio clips of old old Apostolic Assemblies songs from the Sinaloa Bible College. The QUALITY of the recordings was certainly not up to CD quality but the CONTENT the old beautiful Apostolic Assemblies music (OH for those days to return such incredibly HOLY music!) was heavenly!

 I thought to post a few more clips of music for you all in Spanish. Perhaps you are in North America or Europe and have Spanish speaking people or even a service in Spanish. I hope that you will be able to use some of these songs as they carry such an incredible message of Truth!

 In the last post I posted Audio clips, but some of these will be clips that were filmed live. I mention that as I am sensitive to the feelings of some concerning that area of communication.

 If any of you desire the lyrics to these songs, I was very very blessed several years ago for one of the dear Saints at Brother Clifford Clarks church to transcribe and print up not only the Hymnos de Gloria (Songs of Glory!) for me but also to add alot of other coritos (Little Choruses) This is a labour of love for me, I've said it before and will say it again I honestly don't think there is a more beautiful language for singing the gospel in! Spanish all the way!

 Alot of these songs were recorded in one sitting as an attempt to preserve the wonderful Musical Heritage of the Apostolic Revival among Hispanics in the first half of the last century.

Song 1.) El Nombre de Messias (The Name of the Messiah!)

Song 2.) Missionero Que Anuncias (Missionary .... as you go to complete your mission)

Song 3.) Fuente de Misericordia (Fountain of Mercy) If you can listen to this and not break down weeping ...well I don't know WHAT to say!

Song 4.) Alleluya al Senor! (Hallelujah to the Lord!)

 Song 5.) Dia Allegre! (It was a HAPPY DAY!)

Last Song One of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES! 6.)  PODER MARAVILLOSO PODER! (Power Marvellous POWER!)

 NO WAIT! *7* is God's perfect number so here is one last Spanish Song!

 Enjoy! I did just putting this together and listening to them again! Brother Conroy in Germany

Monday, September 26, 2011

African Crusade!!! We reach past Europe into Africa!!!


 It is so amazing over the years to see how that what appears to be little and insignificant to some men, is so amazingly big, important and LIFE CHANGING to others!

 The church here in Augsburg, Germany, even though a Missionary Church itself has ALWAYS had a missions mind to help OTHER ministers to help spread the gospel and see their needs met as well.

 God has always rewarded us with SOULS! And from some of the most incredible places! Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, from all over Europe, then,  as we brought the church in the neighbouring city of Munich, Germany into the Truth, we saw once again how that VINE just continues to grow into the most unexpected places!

 This next week we are helping to send the Pastor of the Munich church Pastor Paul Wilson back to his home country of Togo and into neighbouring Benin in West Africa to preach the Act's 2:38 message of life in the Name and Spirit of The Lord Jesus Christ. In just the last few months the little church here in Augsburg has seen OUR faith reach across continents! We already are impacting the nations of Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo and Benin with TRUTH!

 We have purchased (the first land we actually OWN) a piece of property in the city of Ibadan, one of Nigeria's largest cities. (Population   3,000,000 !)

  It's true the Harvest is Ripe and there ARE Labourers already here in the field, PRAYING ON A DAILY BASIS that there would be more back in the land so richly blessed financially, where some can actually afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair of shoes, that they would not forget about the REASON for that blessing, so that OTHERS MAY HEAR THE GOSPEL AND LIVE.

 Pastor Wilsons congregation carries ANOTHER blessing with it! As they have come into One God Jesus Name Pentecost they bring with them the fact that they are by and large a FRENCH SPEAKING congregation! Opening up even more possibilities for us to grow and impact the French Speaking World!

 If you would like to be part of this continued genuine LIFE SAVING ministry, please ,,,, FEEL FREE! We need all the help we can get!

 Our Missions Address for the WPF is:
                                Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship 
                                 2250  E. 73rd St. Suite 350
                                 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136

 They ask that any offerrings be made out to " WPF and that you specifically designate on the memo line...
 "Brother Joseph Conroy Germany"

 Our Missions Address through the AMC/ IAM Foundation is :
                              International Apostolic Missions
                              PO Box 501
                              Conyers, GA  30012
 They ask that you make the checks out to THE I-AM FOUNDATION and then be sure and designate it in the MEMO LINE "Brother Joseph Conroy Germany" Thank you!


 Brother Brian Shell and his family are desiring to come over and HELP us here in Germany to bring in the harvest. They are willing to uproot their entire lives to do so!
 We DESPERATELY need to see him scheduled in churches with a missionary burden so that the enemy does NOT prevail in keeping this revival from happening!
 I pray we don't see a wave of deaf ears to this plea. It is truly heartfelt and pressing.
 Brother Shells Phone Number is 501- 328-7736

 God Bless You Brother Joseph Conroy

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Rare RARE Treasure Recovered!!!!!!!!!

 I have always loved good music, all different styles and languages of music. But there is a language that to me is probably the MOST Beautiful for singing the Gospel Of Jesus Christ! That of course (in my NEVER to be humble opinion) being SPANISH!

 Years and years ago there was a series of albums put out by the Apostolic Assemblies Choir from Sinaloa Mexico that just ...Oh! I could listen to that album over and over and over and NEVER tire of it!

 I had thought it was probably lost to us for good! I mean it was back in the 1970's and vinyl hasn't done very well lately! (How many WONDERFUL Apostolic Holy Ghost Songs are languishing forgotten all but gone perhaps STILL in someones attic, basement or garage on vinyl!?)

 I NEVER forgot this album, EVER! I would still sing some of its songs (at least as much of the songs lyrics that I could remember and then either make up the words or hummmmmm to fill in what I couldn't remember)

 There is no way to express the joy I had as I discovered last night that the AUDIO for these songs has been put up on youtube!  Not video, just the audio, Thank God for whoever took the time to bless us with these outstanding songs from a time when Apostolic Music was more about THE MESSAGE than the BEAT!

I am posting the links to several of these songs for your enjoyment. Even if you dont speak Spanish you perhaps will be able to listen and enjoy just knowing that even in Mexico there are men women boys and girls that share the same faith and hope that you and I have experienced!

Here they are!

 Song Number One "El Rapto de la Iglesia" (The Rapture of the Church) Beautiful just beautiful!!!!!

Song Number Two "El es Poder!" (He is Power!  My Jesus has all POWER!) Hallelujah! Love this one!

 Song Number Three "Su Espiritu Santo" (Your Holy Spirit) ahhhhhhhhhh sweet sweet song!

Song Number Four "Muy Pronto La Trumpeta Sonora" (Very Soon The Trumpet Will Sound!)

Song Number Five "Las Bodas del Cordero" (The Wedding Feast of the Lamb)

 Let me throw in one last one......(this one does have some video) I want THIS ONE sung at my funeral! And if it's NOT there's gonna be BIG TROUBLE! "Mas Alla Del Sol" (Farther than the Sun)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Very Important Link For International Soulwinners!

 Brother Shell sends out a Bible Verse and thought of the day each morning for a select handfull of Missionaries. Usually he selects the verse and comments on it himself, But this morning he did it a little differently! He linked to a site I had never heard of BibleGateway. What was so incredible about this site is that it offers soulwinners abroad AND in America the opportunity to enter in the Bible Verse they want in English and then select not only from various translations like the KJV and The Message Bible ***BUT*** they can also choose from many FOREIGN LANGUAGE versions!

 That way even though you may not SPEAK the foreign language you are wanting to witness in, YOU CAN print out the various verses you want to use in soul winning that non English speaking person in THEIR language!

 I know EXACTLY this frustration, being in Europe and having a growing congregation of MANY different languages! Last week Brother Shell baptized our FIRST Bulgarian, and WHERE CAN YOU GET A BULGARIAN BIBLE!!!??? (It aint easy let me tell you outside of Bulgaria.!) BUT, on this site they even have a link to a Bulgarian Bible edition. That way I can download all the scriptures on say, Baptism in Jesus Name, and she can see WHY we teach what we teach IN HER OWN LANGUAGE!

 Keep this link in your memory even if you don't need it now, you MAY need it SOMEDAY and you can always find it  here on this blog, European Apostolic Outreach!  Thanks Bro Shell this is INVALUABLE!

Friday, September 23, 2011


 Well now that I am back home I found myself today remembering that horrible spate of severe tornadoes that hit the US just before Easter time! It seemed that while others were reading ABOUT them *I* seemed to be doomed to be *IN* them!!!!!!!!! The Picture above was sent to me by a Hollywood prodcuer friend of mine who had read me talking about the FIRST Tornado which was in the process of touching down RIGHT ON TOP of the Renaissance Hotel where we were in a conference held by the WWPF. Those of you who were in the building at the time remember the storm and then the HONNK HONNK HONNK of the Hotels alert system advising the guests to come down to the lobby and there attendants would point them to safety. WEEEEELLLLLL THIS photo shows the funnel cloud coming down RIGHT OVER THE TOP of that hotel! It was ONLY the beginning of a spell of Horrible Tornadoes I would be in over the next couple weeks! Just a few days later I was in Memphis, Tennessee eating dinner with Brother Caleb Adams and His wife when the Tornado Sirens sounded again! I was sitting there thinking "Does this mean like we should be taking shelter or WHAT????" Well didn't have to think TOO long because in minutes police men came rushing in telling everyone to go to the BATHROOMS (evidently that was the safest place in the building) BECAUSE A TORNADO WAS ON THE GROUND HEADING STRAIGHT FOR US! (Dinner was over needless to say!) Then later that same night back at my hotel the sirens sounded AGAIN and continued going off and on into the wee hours of the morning as Tornado after tornado buffeted the area!

 THEN the next day drove over to Jacks Creek, Tennessee to preach the morning service (It was Easter Sunday) for Brother Daniel, and then the evening service for Brother Huey. Nice sunny day. NO TORNADOES! Woke up Monday and drove the ninety minutes back to Memphis where I was booked at the Hyatt Place Hotel. Starting out was a nice beautiful sunny day! BUT... half way to Memphis the sky up ahead started looking dark then deep PURPLE! The rain was pelting by then and then lightning started hitting the GROUND all around the interstate I was on! Then the rain became hail! Uh Oh! I thought .... this does NOT bode well!!!! I had satellite radio in the car and CNN was saying "WE HAVE REPORTS OF A TORNADO ON THE GROUND IN MEMPHIS RIGHT NOW..... MORE ON THIS AFTER THIS MESSAGE!!!"

 Now *I* am yelling at the radio ..."NOT NOW!!!! Tell us about the tornado! TELL US ABOUT THE TORNADO!!!!!"

  Finally after a commercial about Tender Vittles Cat Food or something,  the reporter comes back on ... "There is a tornado reported on the ground at this time in Memphis, Tennessee." I imediately start wondering along the rain drenched wind driven hail battered lightning tortured interstate .... "Hmmmmmm where am *I* in relationship to Memphis?" At that very moment the Tornado sirens go off  (I didn't even know they HAD them along the Interstates!) My adrenalin is pumping, my spirit is praying "Jesus Jesus Jesus!" Lightning everywhere and the winds just unbelievable! The reporter continues...
"We have more on that Tornado on the ground in the Memphis area... It is reported to be on the ground in the Germantown area of the city. If you are in the Germantown area TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY!!!!"

 SOOOOO I am now thinking at a zillion miles an hour... "Germantown! Germantown! Where am I in relationship to Germantown????!!!" Just then I approach one of those green Interstate Exit signs and the sign says "GERMANTOWN EXIT" just then a bolt of lightning hits the ground right in front of my car and I am thinking "Oh Lord Oh Lord Oh Lord Oh Lord!' I make the decision to get off and right there is a Super Eight Motel BRICK not stucco, so I make this dash through the hail into the little lobby only to find it PACKED with other motorists who have all had the same idea that I did. We went through about half an hour of fear and then the storm blew over and it was sunny again.

 By now I was a nervous wreck BUT THE BEST WAS YET TO COME... Or rather the WORST!!!! For the next two or three hours it was nice and sunny but the radio kept warning of major tornado possibilites for the Memphis area. I was there at the hotel in Memphis and about five o'clock you could see the storm coming right up to and then ACROSS the Mississippi River! The tornado sirens began again about five o'clock and I dont think they stopped until sometime the next morning! THAT was the night that hundreds (I think there were something like two hundred tornadoes touch down across the south!)But that was the night that the tornadoes just devastated so much of the south! Here are some pictures I took of the after math! It was so numbing to just SEE this! Absolutely NUMBING! The devastation was unbelievable! It looked like the aftermath of a World War II bombing raid! I honestly don't see how the people in the South can possibly live through this all the time! I Lived in the Middle East all through the years of the Gulf War, situated smack dab between Bagdad and Jerusalem! And yet all through that I don't think I ever experienced the high and constant level of tension and fear that I did for that period of a few weeks in TORNADO ALLEY!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brother and Sister Shell, Austin and Kaelyn

Brother and Sister Shell, Austin and Kaelyn! What a family! Brother and Sister Shell have served God for many years now, coming to God in their teens. For years now Brother and Sister Shell have served so unselfishly, willing at a moments notice to drive HOURS each way to help a church who's pastor is sick or out of town. And they do it gladly at their own expense.

 I was so delighted when I met Brother Shell along with Brother Traylor the Missionary to St. Petersburg, Russia. We just clicked immediately!

 As I talked with Brother Shell I fell in love with the spirit that he possesses! And when he expressed a great desire for Missions, Man I was ecstatic! One of the first things that impressed me about him was his incredible depth of knowledge in the Word of God. Not just an intellectual knowledge but that rare spirit of Revelation of the Word that operated in him so deeply.

 Brother Shell and his son came over for a month of revival for us beginning in mid August and finishing in mid September and we had a wonderful time. Midway through their visit it became obvious that the call of God was so deeply on this entire family.  Brother Shell confided in me that he felt it was the express will of God for him to come over and be part of the team of those winning Europe for Jesus One Soul At A Time!

 He has returned home and is IMMEDIATELY setting out to raise the help he and his family need so that they can come over for Three Months beginning in the winter time. And after that they plan to begin deputation in earnest to raise their monthly help so that they can be part of Holy Ghost Revival here in Germany and other European Countries where the door opens!

 Can you help them? Can you help US? If there are any pastors who have not forgotten the importance of missions and helping send out APOSTLES with the gospel of Jesus Christ you can certainly be a part of that by having this great man and his family come minister in your church as they endeavour to get the help they need to evangelize this continent where millions of people have little or NO chance to hear the gospel even ONCE in their lives let alone see a Jesus Name Church established in THEIR community!

 Please if you can have Brother Shell  feel FREE to let me know here on the blog! Several great pastors of Gods saints are already helping to schedule him! It just is all falling into place so wonderfully! Thank you for not turning a deaf ear to a very heartfeilt plea! God Bless You! Brother Joseph Conroy

Austin Shell

Brother Shell didn't come alone on this trip! He brought his son Austin. BOY HOWDY! Brother Austin is INCREDIBLE! The old saying Like Father Like Son sure rings true in this family! I don't think there was a single person that Brother Austin met on his trip to Germany that did not receive a wonderful Apostolic Witness and Invitation to the church! This kid is just as great as his dad! Here they are in the city of Landsberg, Germany the same city that saw Adolph Hitler jailed and in which he wrote "MEIN KAMPF".
 Austin became a wonderful evangelist in his own right bringing his burden for the lost to Augsburg, Aindling, Aichach, Munich, and Landsberg! These Shells have to be the most down to earth God Loving people from Vilonia, Arkansas that I know! BUT just so you don't get a false impression of Brother Austin that he is this impossibly perfect kid TAKE A GANDER AT THIS!!!!!!
One minute this kid can be witnessing about Jesus and then the very next he gets all JOKEY!! Here his dad stares in amazement that his son can BE so goofy! To say that our church fell in love with this family doesn't even BEGIN to describe it! Thank You Brothers for coming to Germany!

Holy Ghost Revival At Apostolic Lighthouse Augsburg, Germany!!!!!

                                                  Our Evangelist Brother Brian Shell

 MAN! He  knocked it out of the ballpark every single NIGHT! It was the best Revival we have had to date! Brother Shell is one of those rare individuals who are not the least bit interested in making a name for himself, but rather that the Name Of JESUS would be glorified as BROKEN LIVES  are put back together through the miracle working power of the Spirit of the Living God! I have watched absolutely enthralled as Brother Shell moved so wonderfully in the Holy Ghost that people who had come to mock and scorn, filled with the bitterness of lives spent in sin MELTED through his preaching and before altar call was even given came RUNNING DOWN to the altar tears running down their face and filled with the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues before they EVEN GOT THERE! Praise God! Miracles of Healing, The Word of Knowledge freely operating in this amazing brother. It was an absolute gift of God to our church that this good brother was able to come!       A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all who so kindly and generously helped us to bring this man over! Germany will never be the same! Hallelujah!

In the pic above, Brother Shell is baptizing our first convert from the African Nation of Sierra Leone. He had just received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was so happy to take the name of Jesus Christ in water  baptism! The picture at left was a great miracle as well! This is our first Bulgarian to obey Act's 2:38! It seems that every service now gives us the potential to bring the full gospel to another nation! This is Sister Katija, she had visited our church several times last year and was a sweet lady but didn't seem to understand our message. HOWEVER on the first Sunday of the revival she came in the church and was as usual very nice and happy.BUT when  she saw our visitors (Brother Shell, His son Austin and Brother and Sister Obanjo from Brother Dehods church in Saskatoon, Sasketchewan) she was beside herself with amazement! The Lord had woken her up that very morning with a dream! She had been ill for quite sometime and the Lord spoke to her in a dream and said "GET UP! GO TO THE CHURCH! I have brought people from another country who will pray for you and you WILL be healed!!!!" She got up and came to church for the first time in MONTHS. There when she saw the visitors from the US and CANADA she began to come under the power of God! Finally at altar call she came forward and Brother Shell and Sister Jennifer Obanjo each laid hands on her and prayed for her needs! She was INSTANTLY healed! AND she was so moved by the Lord that she instantly gave her heart to God in repentance and was so wonderfully happy to have the privilege of being baptized in JESUS NAME! Praise God!                                                                                                        

Apostolic Lighthouse Augsburg Sends Out OUR First Missionaries!

Several years ago a preacher (Brother Joseph Ayodele) showed up at Apostolic Lighthouse Augsburg from a trinitarian church in Munich. He had never heard the full gospel message and came to look into it. As I taught on the Oneness of the godhead and Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin he came alive! He desired greatly to be baptized in the Name of Jesus and from that instant on he became very bold in proclaiming the TRUTH of Gods word! He was instrumental in bringing us into contact with Brother Paul Wilson and helping bring his church into the fulness of all God wants them to have! Brother Ayodele  has a great burden for his nation to receive FULL GOSPEL salvation and as you can see in these pictures Jesus is working hand in hand with us as we reach out to bring Act's 2:38 salvation to Nigeria! We have recently purchased SEVERAL vehicles including a truck that is capable of transporting much equipment including altars, chairs lighting and sound systems virtually anywhere in the nation of Nigeria. Also we have already purchased land in the outskirts of the new capital city of Nigeria, Abuja in the hopes of putting up our FIRST African BUILDING for the name of Jesus!                                                                                                                   

Many received the baptism of the Holy Ghost during Brother Joseph's last crusade in Abuja Nigeria! We can do so much if only our brethren back in the United States and Canada will help us! Your financial support is the life blood of foreign missions! Thank You !!!!


One of the most fascinating cities of Germany is the ancient city of Augsburg.Founded in the year 15 B.C. by Tiberius who would later rule as Caesar during Jesus lifetime, it was named in honour of Emperor Octavius Caesar "Augustus". It may very well be the  site of the first Apostolic Church on the other side of the Alps. Augsburg has been the center of a great deal of religious history including serving as the center of much of the Reformation in Germany. It was here in  1518 that Cardinal Cajetan was sent from Rome to examine Martin Luther on heresy charges. Later the Treaty of Augsburg ending the great war between the Protestants and Catholics was signed here giving Protestants the right to worship free of Catholic control.

APOSTOLIC LIGHTHOUSE AUGSBURG    The Apostolic Lighthouse church here in Augsburg was our first work in the country. Today it has grown in the face of great spiritual opposition to be a living Jesus Name One God Apostolic Church whose members come from many nations, Italy, Germany, America, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Sierra Leone,Turkey Little surely is MUCH when God is in it. In addition to Apostolic Lighthouse in Augsburg we have recently expanded into the city of Munich as we were privileged to lead a wonderful Pastor, Brother Paul Wilson  into embracing the One God Jesus Name message and  bringing his entire church into TRUTH! In this picture we were blessed to have some of the young people from Calgary Alberta visiting us and giving us a wonderful concert!

Bringing International Evangelism into the Twenty First Century

Two thousand  years ago The Roman Prefect of Judaea asked of the accused...."What is Truth?" Evidently he never discovered the answer because just a few years later, the man, Pontius Pilate, died a suicide in Gaul (modern day France).Had he but opened his heart he might have realized he was looking TRUTH right in the face! And had he KNOWN the Truth, the Truth would have MADE HIM FREE!

 Today here in Europe Hundreds of  MILLIONS upon HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of Men, Women, Boys and Girls are asking that question "WHAT IS TRUTH?"

 The horrifically sad thing is that there are so FEW who can give them the answer! Philosophies and Political Parties run rampant and the Synagogues of Satan abound, yet the twenty first century church STILL has yet to develop the same kind of burden for first world countries that it has for third world countries. The reality is that wether you are a man labouring in the rice fields of Cambodia or a PreMed student in Berlin, if you are LOST your life is EQUALLY MISERABLE and your eternal destiny one of utter DESTRUCTION.

 It is our hope that we can represent the needs of the people of Europe to the Apostolics of the United States and Canada sparking a Holy Ghost burden to reach the lost REGARDLESS of wether they live in a hut or a four bedroom house with a two car garage.

 There probably wont be any stories of headhunters or alligator infested swamps here.  But in the twenty first century there doesn't HAVE to be! That is NOT what missions is about, what missions is about is GOING INTO ***ALL*** THE WORLD AND PREACHING THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE!  HE THAT BELIEVES AND IS BAPTIZED SHALL BE SAVED!  !

 We invite you to check in here on the blog and hear the good reports of what Jesus of Nazareth is STILL doing here on the continent of Europe! Follow the reports of the different men and women of God who labour together to establish a revival of TRUTH here in Europe where God is doing GREAT things and people STILL are coming to KNOW THE TRUTH AND BE MADE FREE! God Bless You, Brother Conroy