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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have gotten in on the "GROUND FLOOR" of something?

To have been one of the first investors in ... oh say 


 Why if you had been smart enough to make just  a  very  small  investment in the beginning.................  you could be a BILLIONAIRE TODAY! 

 I feel like *I* yours truly , the one and only JOSEPH CONROY have gotten in on what has to be one of THE GREATEST INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES that EVER  came my way... INVESTING in The ministry of a family of four who are so incredibly given over to the service of God that they defy description!

A family who sold EVERYTHING and did it JOYFULLY in order to completely uproot themselves and come labour in the Mission Field! In a very short time Brian and Sherry Shell and their kids Austin and Kaelyn have been instrumental in winning souls from Bulgaria, Germany, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, sending out Apostolic Lighthouse of Augsburgs  FIRST Foreign Missionary (Brother Joseph Ayodele to Nigeria!) planting a brand new work in Aindling , Preaching ACT'S 2:38 salvation in the ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH IN NUREMBERG **AND ** BEING ASKED TO COME BACK AND PREACH MORE ON THE SUBJECT! Yes I am talking about the One The ONLY SHELL FAMILY! Or as I am calling them these days..................

 Here they are at one of the saddest days of my life! The day they had to fly out from the Munich Germany airport to go back to the US to raise help to enable them to continue saving souls here in Europe!

I almost get jealous when I hear all the reports coming back from America of all the souls receiving the Holy Ghost , being Baptized in Jesus Name, Miracles of Healing , "Blowout" services, Backsliders coming back to God all happening as they are in the States on deputation! Brother Shell is NOT just a poor missionary in need of help, the man can flat out PREACH! And every pastor who has had him can tell you what a blessing that this family has been to their church.

 Can you pray with me that Pastors in America would allow their hearts to be opened to the cry not only of the LOST but of the LORD OF THE HARVEST who was so brutally murdered that he might REDEEM MANKIND BACK TO HIMSELF? That they would go that extra mile for Jesus and have this precious family come share their burden and testimony so that they can quickly ... make that QUICKLY return to the field????

 Remember that old song that said...

"The Saviours Calling!
 The Grain Is Falling!
 Oh do not wait!
It's growing Late!
Look on the Field It's White
It's Harvest Time!"

 Jesus prayer request was PRAY THE LORD OF THE HARVEST THAT HE WOULD SEND FORTH LABOURERS INTO THE FIELD! Will you allow him to use YOU to do that?

 If YOU want to get in on a ground floor investment AND have the deep satisfaction of actually being part of LAUNCHING a great ministry by having the Shells PLEASE feel free to EMAIL me at to schedule them! Time is running out!

(You'll thank me for this someday I Garauntee it!)

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