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Friday, November 30, 2012


 Q.) Is it possible to "run the aisles"  in your own home????

 A.) OH YES! In fact I just have! Shouted, Ran, Jumped, Danced, Yelled! Just let it ALLLLLLLLL Go up in Praises to the King!

 I just heard this song on the net, hadn't heard it for DECADES and man does this choir, the PENTECOSTALS OF KATY , TEXAS do it justice! I LOVE JESUS! *HE* IS THE REASON I AM APOSTOLIC! Sure would love to hear alot more preaching about HIM. Anyway... put this on full blast, the power of God ripped through my house! Danced and danced I must be on my tenth or more time of listening to this song! (I am listening to it even as I type this!) Oh that every one REALLY knew Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Ghost!  BY THE WAY! I DID THIS WITH ALL THE SHADES UP! WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBOURS THINK???? REALLY.... WHO CARES! God bless you Enjoy!

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